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A Typical Rite in both Black & White Magick

Magical rites vary greatly from place to place, but a typical Rite of Magick might be:

Cast the Circle.  Your first priority is to cast a circle; the space within it is sacred and considered to be 'between the worlds'.  Your circle does not only keep out unwanted energy, but also serves to keep your energy in.  It is also good practice to thoroughly cleanse your space with a ritual sweeping/scrubbing or with some incense before you begin.

Call the Quarters.  The Quarters (often referred to as Watchtowers) are the guardians of your circle.  They are usually directional and/or elemental in nature.  The exact wording on how to call the quarters is varied, i.e. not specific, and can be adapted to your own needs.  You can consider these Watchtowers to be the solid corner-posts of your circle.

Invoke the Deity you need for the rite.  If you are not familiar with any specific Gods or Goddesses, you can simply call on the Lord and/or Lady.  Over time, you can research the various pantheons and learn about the numerous Deities out there - our Aspects of the Occult Download contains ebooks listing Deities.  You may invoke certain Deities just to familiarise yourself with them, or choose specific Deities that represent the energies you want for your ritual.  Always be respectful, and ask the Deity to join you.

Raise Energy.  If you are performing this ritual with a specific goal in mind, for example, casting a spell, it is essential you raise energy before you cast that spell.  It is your energy and will that drives a spell.  If your ritual is to celebrate a Sabbat, or to give thanks to the Gods, you may not feel the need to raise any energy.  Two methods you could use to raise energy could be dancing or chanting.

Purpose of the Ritual.  This is the central part of the ritual process.  If you are working a specific spell, this is the time to do that, using the energy already raised.  Worship, celebration or giving thanks could also be a vital part of your ritual.

Ground Your Energy.  As you raised energy earlier, now you must ground it!  Release any remaining energy down through your body and out into the Earth.  Even if you happen to be indoors, and your feet aren't actually touching the Earth, you can still visualise your energy dispersing in this manner.  Depending upon the actual nature of your spell, you may find that the vast majority of the energy has already been used up during the working of the spell.

Thank the Deity.  This part of the rite should be obvious, but it is amazing how many people tend to forget it.  If you asked a Deity to join you in your circle, you must thank that Deity once the ritual is complete.

Release the Quarters.  This is similar to thanking the Deity.  At the beginning you called the Quarters to assist you, so upon completion you must thank them and release them.

Release the Circle.  This step will return your 'ritual area' back to 'normal space'.  Almost all circle casting techniques that you will encounter are written with both an opening and a closing portion to the text.

Cakes & Wine.  It is traditional to eat after a ritual, a social part of the ritual, particularly so if you are working in a group.

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