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Yesod Yesod is the ninth Sphere (Sephirah) of divine emanation according to Kabbalah.  The word Yesod means foundation.  See also The Sephiroth.
Yetzirah Kabbalists believe the manifestation of our material world was caused by the immanent activity of God on four different planes, or in four worlds, simultaneously.  The World of Formation, Yetzirah, is the 3rd of these worlds.  Ten angelic hosts reside in this world, Arelim, Benei Elohim, Chajoth, Chashmalim, Elim, Elohim, Ishim, Malachim, Ophanim and Seraphim, presided over by Metraton, the 'Prince of the World'.
YHVH Reading from right to left, YHVH is the four-letter Tetragrammaton, the 'true' name of the God in the Hebrew scriptures and the Kabbalah.  Only the four consonants YHVH (Yod He Vau He) are ever written.  See also Tetragrammaton.
Yin-Yang See Symbols used in Occultism.
Yoga A Sanskrit word meaning union (with the divine), Yoga is a philosophy and discipline applied to the development of mind, body, and spirit.  There are several different disciplines of Yoga: Hatha; Vinyasa; Iyengar; Kundalini; Bikram/hot yoga, emphasising different aspects or combinations of mind body spirit.  Through practices of holding a variety of body positions/postures, and the centering of the mind and breath in a meditative way, the practitioner increases body awareness, posture, flexibility of body and mind and calmness of spirit.
Yogi / Yogin A devotee, in particular one who has mastered the techniques and practices of Yoga and who is capable of teaching and training others in the yogic discipline.
Yule One of the principal Sabbats or religious festivals in Wiccan and other Neopagan practices, on or near 21st December.  It celebrates the coming of the rebirth of the sun to the earth after the longest night/shortest day.

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