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Familiars The witch's familiar was thought to be a demon or imp often appearing in the form of a small animal such as a cat.  This assumed form of a witch's companion spirit was believed to trade favours to her in return for milk from her breast, or third nipple.  Familiars are also thought forms which can be manifested by worked up emotion for personal use to enhance a ritual or spell.  These thought forms are taken from your subconscious and have aspects of you, although they are detached from you.  See also Elementals.
Fire One of the four alchemical elements.  Fire is associated with heat and dryness and symbolises the 'fiery' emotions of love, hate, passion and anger, as well as spiritual aspiration (actions of intent to bring one closer to the divine).
Five-fold kiss This is a traditional Wiccan ritual practice, normally undertaken during initiations.  However, it is also used as a greeting between the High Priest and Priestess of a coven.  Each of the five parts of the body, symbolic of the five points of the pentagram, are ritually kissed.
Folk Magic In addition to the formally stated creeds and beliefs of an organised and codified major religion, folk religion consists of folklore, i.e. beliefs, superstitions, stories and cultural practices passed down from generation to generation.
Folklore See Folk Magic above.
Fortune Teller A fortune teller is someone who 'predicts the future', usually for an individual, through what appears to be mystical or supernatural means, normally for commercial gain.  Fortune telling is often considered to be a form of divination.  See also Soothsayer.
Fraternity The name informally applied to what is termed a 'Greek-letter brotherhood', characterised by a ritual, a pin and strong ties to friendship and moral principles.  It is a body of people associated for a common purpose or interest, such as a guild.  See also Freemasonry below.
Freemasonry A fraternity (see above), which in modern days is trying to shake off its reputation for secrecy.  It is believed that Freemasonry evolved from the medieval guilds of the stonemasons on the notion that the architecture of a church (Solomon's Temple in particular) is a metaphor for the architecture of the Soul and man's relationship with God.  The founders of many occult organisations were Freemasons and seem to have modelled their modi operandi along Masonic lines, for example, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
Futhark See Elder Futhark.

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